Can you feel the IUD during sex?

If the IUD is inserted properly, neither partner will notice the IUD at all during intercourse. If you or your partner feel the IUD or experience pain or discomfort during intercourse, do not continue to have intercourse until you have consulted your physician.

Does the copper in the IUD present a hazard to my health?
The copper is not a health hazard. The tiny amount of copper released from the IUD is much less than the amount of copper that you consume every day in your drinking water and food.
Does the copper IUD offer protection against sexually transmitted infections?

No, a copper IUD does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Can I still use tampons ?
Tampons can be used normally when you have a Flexi-T.
Can I work out if I have a Flexi-T?
There is no reason not to exercise or swim while you have a Flexi-T.
The IUD is extremely flexible and bends in any direction to accommodate your movement.
Is there an increased risk of infection?

Flexi-T IUDs are sterilized. However, during the insertion procedure there is a very small risk of introducing an infection from the vagina into the womb. This risk is reduced when the physician cleanses the vagina with a sterile swab soaked in an antiseptic solution. Once the IUD is inserted, the risk of infection is no higher with the Flexi-T in place than without a Flexi-T.

Is there an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy?

The risk of ectopic pregnancy for women who have a Flexi-T is very low. However, if despite having a Flexi-T in place a pregnancy occurs there is a considerably higher chance of an ectopic pregnancy.

After removal of the Flexi-T, how long will it take for me to be able to get pregnant again?
You will be fully fertile again immediately after the Flexi-T is removed.
Will I stop menstruating after the IUD is inserted?
The Flexi-T does not affect the body’s natural hormonal balance. Your menstrual cycle will continue to follow its natural rhythm.
Can I also use the Flexi-T after an ‘accident’?
The Flexi-T can also be used as a ‘morning after’ option up to a maximum of 5 days after the ‘accident’. Within that time frame, it is even more effective than the ‘morning after’ pill.
Could I still get pregnant even if I’m using a copper IUD?
No birth control method offers 100% certainty, so there is always a remote chance of becoming pregnant when using a copper IUD.
Is it possible for the body to push the IUD out on its own?

 Expulsion of the IUD occurs occasionally. However, its unique, woman-friendly shape means that the Flexi-T is  usually accepted by the body.

When should I consult my doctor?

– If you or your partner can feel the IUD or its string  in your vagina , or experience discomfort or pain
– If you stop menstruating
– If you experience fever, unusual vaginal discharge or abnormal pain in your lower body
– If you are experiencing irregular bleeding
– If you are experiencing excessive blood loss
– If you became pregnant, despite the IUD is in place

Is the Flexi-T covered by health insurers?
The Flexi-T is covered by some health insurers if you have a prescription from your doctor.
Where can I get the Flexi-T?
The Flexi-T is available from your GP, your local sexual health foundation, gynaecologist or hospital and at the chemist’s