Reliable birth control for carefree sexual intercourse while retaining your natural cycle

Durable, tried-and-tested birth control

Over 200 million women all over the world use an IUD to prevent conception. That makes the IUD or ‘coil’ the most common method of contraception. This website offers information about the Flexi-T, the woman-friendly copper IUD: how this IUD works, its advantages, and which women can use it effectively. The Flexi-T is used by more than 1 million women all over the world – and that means more than 1 million satisfied users.

Who is the Flexi-T® designed for?

In principle, the Flexi-T is suitable for most women during their reproductive period (from first menstruation to menopause), except in cases involving uterine abnormalities. Your GP or gynaecologist will be able to tell you for sure. The Flexi-T is ideal for women who want to opt for long-term, carefree protection from pregnancy without using hormonal birth control. The Flexi-T is also suitable for women who are breastfeeding, for contraception between pregnancies, or as an alternative to sterilisation.

How reliable is the Flexi-T®

The Flexi-T is very reliable. There is a minimal risk (less than 1%) of pregnancy. In practice, the Flexi-T is just as reliable as the pill. This also applies to emergency contraception, up to a maximum of 5 days after the “accident”, copper IUD’s are more effective than the “morning after pill”.

Advantages of the Flexi-T®

  • Flexi-T is very small and flexible
  • Flexi-T is easily inserted with limited pain experience.
  • Flexi-T uses a narrow insertion tube (3.5 mm)
  • Flexi-T does not use a plunger, so there is negligible risk of perforation during insertion
  • Flexi-T has a good shape
  • Flexi-T is reliable
  • Flexi-T is is visible on X-rays and ultrasound
  • 5 years protection
  • Flexi-T does not contain any hormones
  • Flexi-T is suitable for use by most women
  • Flexi-T offers protection as soon as it’s in place
  • Fully fertile again immediately after removal